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We're delighted you're here. Whether you're an old pro or brand new to the mat, our community is here to support you as you start your practice! Read on to learn about some of the features offered in your membership, and to find handy information about taking advantage of what Ompractice has for you.

Find the right class for you: You now have access to every class on the Ompractice schedule, which means it's time to explore!

The best way to start is to simply dive in. Check out the class offerings, find what sparks your interest, and sign up for a class now!

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⚡️ Here's How to Get Started

There's no need to download a separate app - you can access all of Ompractice from the browser. (If you are accessing on a phone/tablet, you can download the Zoom app in advance - but no need to create a separate account for Zoom!)

To sign up for classes at Ompractice:

  1. Choose a class on the schedule (you can sign up directly on the right or click “see details” to learn more about the class
  2. Register for your class (just click "SIGN UP")

📆 Once you register for a class, you can add it to your calendar, add any special notes for your teacher, and you'll receive an email with a link to join. You'll also be able to find it under "Upcoming Classes" on your dashboard.

When your class time arrives, simply click the “Join Class” link to join.

Start Your Practice

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Select a class

With more than 100 class options per week, Ompractice fits into your life at your pace.

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Set up your space

Roll out your mat and position your device 7-8ft away.

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Settle in

Join your teacher for a live, interactive class with real-time feedback and support.

🪴 Setting up your Space

Getting ready for your first class? Here's what you need:

🎥 Setting up your camera

You'll want to set up your camera (laptop, phone, tablet) so that it's facing your mat and the teacher can see your body. If you sign on a few minutes early, your teacher can help you troubleshoot best positions! Usually this is about 7-8 feet away from your mat (propping on a chair is helpful!), so that your teacher can see the whole mat, from head to toe, with the wide part of your mat facing the camera.

👣 Yoga mat and props

Most of our classes are better with a grippy yoga mat, and a few props (optional!) these typically include yoga blocks (1 or two), a bolster, and a blanket. If you don't have these, no problem! Plenty of household items can be used instead: thick books and pillows can work - just ask your teacher if you need ideas!

Don't have a yoga mat?

That's okay! Some of our classes are seated (chair, yoga for tight shoulders and neck, meditation, iRest) or standing (Tai Chi) and don't require a mat. If it's your first class and you don't have one, a soft surface like carpet is okay to start.

Need a new mat?

We recommend the B Mat (for a high quality mat), Manduka, or Jade Harmony. If you are just starting out, an inexpensive mat and blocks from Walmart or Target can work just fine! Ideally you want something not too thick or thin - and sticky instead of slippy!

🎥 Camera-On Classes

We require all students to have their camera ON for the duration of class. This is for a few reasons: for the safety of all students, and for the teacher to be able to give in the moment feedback and support.
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Our Classes

Our teaching philosophy is simple: We see you and we respect you. Our teachers will help tailor your practice to fit your lifestyle. Movement is for everyone and we are delighted for you to join us. Whether you are brand new to yoga or a long-time practitioner, Ompractice has a class perfect for you. Our classes include:

  • Tai-Chi
  • Qigong
  • iRest meditation
  • Guided meditation
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Pilates
  • Power yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Yin yoga
  • Prenatal yoga
  • Chair yoga
  • Pelvic health
  • Yoga for cancer recovery
  • Yoga for back care
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🔎 Filter by Class Type

Looking for something specific? Use the class filters to make it easier to choose from the 100s of weekly classes! You can select for experience level, intensity, type of practice, and more!

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Class Schedule

Ompractice offers classes to meet you wherever you may be on your path — from a good workout to the opportunity to sit back and relax. Explore the Ompractice schedule to find the classes that speak to you.

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Your Teachers

Ompractice teachers are known to be friendly, knowledgeable teachers with great (and unique) vibes! Get to know each and everyone one of their stories on our teacher bio pages, and find a great teacher whose style fits with you.

Meet Our Teachers
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Special Events

Have more questions? Learn about our membership program, classes, and more.

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Video Library

Accessible from your account dropdown

📺 While our live two-way video classes provide better outcomes for our students, we know that sometimes you just want to grab something quickly to watch! We keep a small rotating video library to help you get a feel of new teachers and styles, or grab that emergency meditation session when life throws things at you.
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