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Dannika Ross

Joined Ompractice June 2019

Dannika is a 200-hour and 300-hour registered yoga instructor recognized through Yoga Alliance. She is a charismatic teacher who enlightens her students with authenticity and integrity, meeting them exactly where they are. She shares her yogic insight through mindful movements, creative transitions and pranayama practices with the intention of creating sustainability and holistic awareness. With a true passion for nature and adventure, Dannika also hosts beach/outdoor yoga classes, guides yoga hikes, teaches SUP yoga on the water and co-hosts international yoga retreats.

More about Dannika Ross

Teacher of Yoga Practices Dannika Ross is an easy-going yet passionate Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) with a heartfelt mission to guide her students on a transformative journey to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and harmony. Her deep-rooted love for Yoga and its profound impact on her own life has inspired her to share the practice with others, making it accessible to all who seek its benefits. Teaching Philosophy Dannika's teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that Yoga is a powerful and accessible tool for self-discovery and healing. She understands that each individual's journey on the mat is unique, and her classes are designed to be inclusive, nurturing, and empowering. Dannika's classes provide a safe and welcoming space for all students, regardless of their level of experience or physical abilities. Training and Expertise Dannika has undergone extensive training and is certified through Yoga Alliance in various styles of Yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle and Yin. Her diverse background allows her to create classes that cater to a wide range of needs and preferences including meditative and breathwork offerings. She continues to expand her knowledge through workshops and seminars, ensuring that her teachings are informed by the latest insights and techniques. Holistic Approach Dannika emphasizes the holistic nature of Yoga, understanding that it extends beyond physical postures. Her soulful classes incorporate mindfulness, breath control, meditation, and the philosophy of Yoga to create a complete mind-body experience. She inspires all her students to integrate sustainability into their wellness practices by truly slowing down, intently listening to their bodies and trusting their inner wisdom throughout. Personal Transformation Dannika's personal journey with Yoga has been one of transformation and self-discovery. It began in a fitness center while studying Recreation Management at the University of New Hampshire and has since evolved into a daily personal practice! She is forever a student of Yoga and fully believes in the power of practice to heal and revitalize, and she is dedicated to helping her students unlock their own potential for growth and positive change. Community Engagement Dannika is an active member of the local and virtual Yoga community. She leads weekly virtual classes, organizes local Yoga retreats, and participates in wellness-based events that promote the benefits of Yoga and well-being. Her commitment to building a supportive and inclusive Yoga community shines through in all her endeavors. Beyond the Mat When Dannika isn't on her mat (or in the real estate realm), you can find her exploring the great outdoors with her hound dog Ole Miss, indulging in a feel-good book, or tending to all her plant babies at her home in Portsmouth NH. She believes in living a nurturing and nourishing lifestyle, both on and off the mat. Join Dannika on the lifelong journey to inner calm, Self-discovery, and holistic well-being through the practices of Yoga and meditation she lovingly shares. Whether you are just starting out or slowly returning to your mat, her classes offer a safe sanctuary for self-exploration, self-growth, and ultimately true self-love. Practice with Dannika today to begin or deepen your Yoga practice, and embark on a personal journey of wellness, balance, and grace. Dannika is also available for private instruction on Ompractice. Please send inquiries to us at Learn more about Dannika at

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