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Elise Joan

Joined Ompractice May 2019

Elise is the co-creator of the inaugural yoga program for Beachbody, top lifestyle/yoga influencer for LIVESTRONG, celebrity trainer, and published yoga & lifestyle contributor for dozens of publications including In Style, Self, Gaiam, Shape and Yoga Journal. She has lead live TV yoga programming and has traveled around the world on the festival and event circuit, including being a headline teacher for Wanderlust. Elise is known for her joy-infused, expressive, breath centered athletic sequencing, which awakens the spirit and helps students come alive.

More about Elise Joan

I am the co-creator of the best selling, inaugural yoga program for Beachbody, and a top lifestyle/yoga influencer for LIVESTRONG. I have been a celebrity trainer, and published Fitness Writer, and my passion is creating innovative and inspiring programming that celebrates our bodies, and gives us tools to create our most vibrant life! I LOVE sharing my passion for yoga, fitness, health, and happiness, and I have lead LIVE TV yoga programming on Good Day LA, ABC News, and QVC alongside Emmy winning journalist Leeza Gibbons. I have a blast leading sold-out events at stages and yoga studios across the country, and enjoy being sponsored by exceptional brands like Reebok, FitBit, New Balance, Roxy, Rx Bars, Beachbody and lululemon, Just to name a few. I travel the world leading international retreats, and teaching all around the globe on the festival and event circuit. I’ve been a headline teacher for Wanderlust, and a yoga & lifestyle contributor for dozens of publications including IN STYLE, SELF, GAIAM, SHAPE and YOGA JOURNAL. I am known for my joy-infused sequencing, which awakens the spirit and helps my students come alive. My expressive, breath centered athletic flows, intensely challenge the body, compassionately open the heart, and intentionally broaden the mind. I am a passionate and energetic teacher, who empowers students through my real life experiences, to fully indulge in the limitless beauty and divine energy of life. I do my best to convey my dynamic & intuitive positivity to inspire self-discovery & personal growth as well as physical and emotional fitness! These are the building blocks for a truly happy & purposeful life. I truly hope you’ll take this journey with me, as I help you unlock your highest self, your healthiest body, and your happiest Life.

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