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Reggie Hubbard

Joined Ompractice February 2021

Reggie is an RYT- 500 certified instructor who began his yoga journey in the midst of a toxic work environment, finding peace of mind and equanimity through disciplined practice. His life is a testament to the power of the practice to strengthen inner peace and mental flexibility in addition to the physical benefits of asana. Reggie teaches a variety of flows, mostly hatha style, that combine deep breath, postural alignment and fluid motion - all that is required is a willingness to try something new and not take yourself so seriously.

What Students Are Saying

Kathleen G

He has a wonderful sense of humor and his kindness projects through the screen

Feb 2, 2024

Jon G

Reggie's class has become part of my Saturday morning routine and I love it. Soothing & relaxing for my mind!

Jan 13, 2024

Sheila C

Very relaxing. I was so relaxed for hours following the class. That’s incredible for me because my anxiety is terrible.

Dec 2, 2023

Becky S

Great guy, super teacher. Honest, human being.

Nov 9, 2023


Reggie was great. Sound bowls were amazing. Great experience. Stress melts away

Sep 21, 2023

Mark W

Reggie is great. His dedication and compassion to his instruction is excellent.

Sep 10, 2023

More about Reggie Hubbard

Reggie's yoga and meditation journey was born of curiosity and compassionate invitation by dear friends; forged in adversity due to a toxic, psychologically abusive employment situation; and has become a lesson in surrender to the miracles that exist in commitment to personal peace and wellbeing. Adopting yogic discipline and practices has saved his life and he is committed to sharing these practices far and wide to help others - regardless of their race, gender, identity, orientation or economic status. Over the course of his practice, he has studied extensively with leading teachers such as Faith Hunter, Amy Ippolitti, Yogarupa Rod Stryker as well as many amazing teachers along the way - ever mindful that the best teacher is the eternal student. Reggie is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher and the founder/Chief Serving Officer of Active Peace Yoga ( Through Active Peace Yoga, he offers asana and meditation classes to help others nurture peace of mind, creativity, equanimity in spirit and physical health. The mission of Active Peace Yoga is to serve all communities, all practice levels and lifestyles by helping people nurture foundational habits of self-care, rather than viewing wellness as an afterthought. He has authored a thesis entitled, "Yoga and Spiritual Activism: Serving Humanity from a Sense of Devotion and Love" and been a featured speaker on racial justice and civic engagement for the Hanuman Academy, Yoga Alliance, Upaya Zen Center and various other platforms. In addition to his yoga teaching practice, Reggie has held many senior strategic and logistical roles across a variety of fields, ranging from global marketing, digital and community organizing, government relations, international education to Presidential campaigning. He currently serves as a leading progressive political strategist, regularly interacting with elected officials on Capitol Hill and managing relationships, impact and communications among the broader progressive movement. Reggie has taught Members of Congress, Congressional Staff, leading progressive organizations and individuals from all walks of life. Reggie's dharma sits at the intersection of bringing more peace and balance to activists, guiding the wellness community toward being more engaged, concerned citizens AND making sure all are able to experience the blessings of yoga regardless of income, identity or race. Achieving this balance is how we catalyze transformative change in our society, which we are desperately in need of at this moment. Learn more about Reggie at Reggie is a contributing teacher for the 100/200-hour Empowered Deeper Studies Programs.

main shot of Reggie Hubbard
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