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Yasmene Mumby

Joined Ompractice September 2020

Dr. Yasmene Mumby began her yoga and meditation practice while teaching middle school Social Studies in Baltimore City Public Schools, looking for a natural way to calm her rushing anxiety and restore her energy. She has completed over 1500 hours of training in vinyasa, meditation, yin, and prenatal yoga. Off the mat, Yasmene is an essayist, organizer, and audiodocumentarian. In May 2020, she earned her doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

More about Yasmene Mumby

Dr. Yasmene Mumby guides yoga, meditation, and breathwork practices. She reserves select space to coach (mostly) women in leadership roles who want to thrive yet are burning out, stretched thin, and producing from a place of force instead of creating from a place of ease. Yasmene has completed over 1500 hours of training in vinyasa, meditation, yin, and prenatal yoga. Dr. Mumby writes about leadership, culture, and wellbeing. She co-authored “Empowering School Leaders to Thrive” with the Principal Impact Collaborative. The research focused on holistic leadership development and the conditions school leaders need to manage their wellbeing. Her piercing essay Amplify Black Voices: Yoga, you can do better is assigned reading in several yoga teacher trainings. She created the NPR hosted audiodocumentary, Higher Purpose, about an organization that supports people with legal system records to gain livable wage employment in Baltimore. Her sound art piece Ahimsa is an audiomemoir on yoga, wellness, and Black Lives. Creative Capital featured her upcoming audio project Daughters of the Yam and the Mothers they Become on their On Our Radar list. When not writing or leading wellness practices, purpose-driven teams invite Dr. Yasmene Mumby and her firm, The Ringgold, in to consult and collaborate on their communications and equity initiatives. She began her career teaching over 14 years ago in her hometown, Baltimore. Frustrated by the inequities impacting the achievement and wellbeing of students and teachers every day, she channeled her deep grief in schools as a trained Organizer through the Industrial Areas Foundation. Yasmene led numerous advocacy and organizing victories with over 3,000 parent, teacher, and student leaders, from securing filtered lead-free water for students to organizing teachers in an unprecedented contract negotiation to stopping $150 million in operational budget cuts to securing up to $1 billion to rebuild schools. A graduate of the McDonogh School, Yasmene earned her Bachelor’s in International Studies and Master’s in Teaching from the Johns Hopkins University, a JD from University of Maryland School of Law and a Doctorate in Education Leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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