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Tasha Edwards

Joined Ompractice April 2023

Tasha found her way into the fitness world by selling gym memberships in 2003. After becoming a personal trainer and becoming certified to teach yoga within one month of each in 2004, she has become an international trainer and presenter, teaching several movement modalities and inspiring people to get moving in whatever way feels authentic to them. She is the mother of two grown children and the grandmother of one.

What Students Are Saying

Sue E

I LOVE Tasha's directions and prompts. Very accommodating. Over 1 month I feel more balance and strength!

Feb 11, 2024

Connie B

This was a wonderful class to wake up my body. Slow progression to good buildup. Tasha explains moves very clearly and challenges is to push through at our own pace. She is encouraging and does has no expectations beyond my limit.

Feb 5, 2024

Alison A

LOVED it! Tasha has great energy and explains the moves in everyday terms. A lot of positive energy.

Feb 4, 2024

More about Tasha Edwards

Tasha, a native of Chicago, began her fitness career selling memberships at a local gym in 2003. Since then, she had become an international presenter and a well-known voice and advocate for diverse and accessible wellness spaces. A blogger, podcast host and content creator, Tasha is a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor as well as a a 250 hour certified yoga instructor and holds certifications in personal training, group fitness and twenty-plus additional specialty fitness certifications. She is a board certified health and wellness coach and holds a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and a Master’s degree in counseling. Tasha is currently an ambassador for both lululemon and NOW Foods and a featured instructor on John Garey TV.

Ompractice teacher Tasha Edwards standing in a supported quad stretch with Ompractice teal background

6 Good Questions with Tasha Edwards!

Published 2/16/2024

Have you met Tasha yet? She's one of the newer members of the teaching team and the subject of this edition of 6 Good Questions!

Who are your classes for? What kind of vibe can people expect in your class? What is your teaching style like?

My classes are for everyone.  I am mindful that we all come into the space with different physical and mental mindsets.  Sometimes you need just to move.  Sometimes you just need to be encouraged.  I believe my classes are a little bit of both. My teaching style is laid back and I present everything as an “offering” as opposed to a “command.” I want people to feel empowered to “choose their own adventure;” meaning they can modify anything to suit how their body feels that particular day as long as they do no harm.  For that reason, I think the vibe is refreshing, reasonable, and right to the point. :)

How did you get into functional movement? How did you become The Hip Healthy Chick?

I’ve been a personal trainer for 20 years.  As I aged, I realized the “fancy stuff” wasn’t always practical. At this age, I want to just be able to get on the floor and play with my grandson without throwing my back out.  I realized people needed training to live life with more ease and efficiency; learning how to use your legs and stretch out your back so you can pick up a package as opposed to the “no pain no gain” aesthetically driven days of my early and mid 30’s.  Hip Healthy Chick developed out of wanting to train people (whether it was group fitness, health coaching, or group fitness) in a way that was HOLISTIC, INTUITIVE, and on PURPOSE.  But most people thought “Hip” meant cool and that’s ok too.  I would like to think that I am cool most of the time.  LOL

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from your own practice? What does strength mean to you?

I’ve learned that it’s never too late to start and it’s important to find something that can be a part of your lifestyle that doesn’t feel like punishment.  When we equate movement with pain, it pushes us away from moving at all.  As I got older and started having more injuries, I resisted things because I couldn’t do them anymore.  Now I have found a groove with things I enjoy and things that help me feel my best.  Strength to me is being able to withstand tension while standing in my truth.  I don’t have to sacrifice anything (my mental health or my joints) to obtain it.  I just have to be willing to work on it every day.  I will admit though that I’d love to be able to do pull-ups again.  That always made me feel strong. :)

Do you have any pets? We love our #petsofompractice ❤️

I do not have any pets but I have three granddogs: Ace, Kade, and Rocky.

What is your favorite easy seasonal recipe to share right now?

Steel cut oats in my crock pot and then adding some tahini and a half banana, along with a few date pieces, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.  So yummy and I make enough so I can have a warm breakfast for four or five days from one pot!

Tell us a bit about your morning routine and what gets you revved up/excited for the day?

When I wake up, I drink some water, make my bed, tongue scrape and oil pull, and then I turn on some tunes to dance and sing around my living room.  That is usually followed by Wordle, my gratitude journal, sometimes meditation, and definitely coffee (although I’m trying to curb my caffeine habit!).

For fun, we always like to have a few extra credit questions:

  • What's one life changing product under $25 you'd recommend? A great smelling candle.  I have one going every day (the other thing I do in the morning) because it reminds me of my own inner light.  Other things (if you eat tofu) is a tofu press, a tube of lip gloss, and a bottle of jojoba oil.

  • Most delicious bite of food lately? I had most amazing Ethiopian food when I was out of town last week.  It was a vegan plate complete with lentils and cabbage and some other yummy vegetables.  I enjoyed it so much.

  • Best books on your shelf? This is a hard one.  I am indeed a book lover. The Four Agreements, The Bible, The Bhagavad Vita, Audre Lorde anything, Hidden Potential, The Luminous Self and a poetry book I wrote 20 years ago.  They are reminders to live life every day in a way that is meaningful.

Find Tasha outside of Ompractice at:

main shot of Tasha Edwards
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