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Anjali Sunita

Joined Ompractice September 2023she/her

Anjali found yoga while studying theater breathing techniques and learned an embodied approach to soften her traumatic memory and to ease physical discomforts rooted in anxiety. Drawn to the wisdom grounded in India, where her mother was born, she pursued her first formal training there. Through yoga and yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, Anjali found a life path that has made her comfortable in her own skin and a way to provide a compassionate service in the world. She has numerous certificates from the Sivananda Yoga Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala, India, prenatal yoga, yoga for kids, AcroYoga International, Yoga for Arthritis, and studied continuously for 15 years as she ran a yoga center in her hometown Baltimore, Maryland. She also ran a non-profit program which trained and paid BIPOC to teach yoga for free in Baltimore’s disinvested neighborhoods. She has taught in a variety of environments with dual focus on tradition and accessibility.

What Students Are Saying

Nadeem Z

Anjali is a pro. Clear and using her voice and tone to facilitate breathing efficiency. I was so relaxed that I was yawning.

May 28, 2024

louie r

I immediately felt safe with her, she has a warm energy that translates perfectly for breath work. The way she teaches and her descriptions just resonate naturally.

Feb 21, 2024

Gwendolynn C

I love Anjali's presence as a teacher. She's warm and reassuring, and I really need that.

Oct 19, 2023

More about Anjali Sunita

As a child and young adult, I suffered with eczema, frequent UTIs, and digestive distress all of which was rooted in anxiety. I rarely fit in; there was no seat at the table or box I could check to describe my multicultural, multi-racial identity back then and so I grew up finding my voice through theater inside and outside of school. When I was sixteen years old, I had a theater teacher who profoundly changed my life by leading vocal lessons with deep breathing techniques, postures rooted in yoga, and encouraging me personally to read philosophy. It laid the groundwork for a kind of spiritual seeking which eventually led me to studying yoga in India with an understanding of the emotional and mental benefits of embodied practices. Initially I went to India with the intent to see my Indian family, my grandmother, and to study in a short course and planned to move to New York to teach yoga as a side-hustle while pursuing a career in theater, but when I experienced the power of yoga in a profound way and unexpectedly experienced the clear eyes of an Ayurvedic doctor there in the Sivananda ashrams, my young life took a new trajectory. Within two weeks of daily asana, pranayama, and Ayurvedic herbs, the eczema vanished, the triggers vanished, and have remained so for the rest of my life. I began sleeping soundly, and valuing my wellbeing above fitting in or even a career. I forewent my career in theater and furthered studied and taught yoga through the ashrams in India and Canada before settling back into my hometown Baltimore, Maryland. At age twenty five, I received a grant through Baltimore Community Foundation to teach yoga in two of Baltimore's inner city schools. I also taught in many locations from health centers, hospitals, private homes, the VA, and yoga centers before starting my own center, named Baltimore Yoga Village, which served students and trained teachers for fifteen years. During this time, I continued to teach wherever I was called from international retreat centers to federal correctional facilities. With strong management, well trained teachers, and community support, the studios began to run themselves and I was able pursue full time study in Ayurvedic Health Counseling at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico under Dr. Vasant Lad, in his clinics in India, and Ayurvedic Panchakarma specialist training through Charak Ayurveda Dr. Rajesh Kalwadia in Jaipur, India, in 2015 and 2016. This is when I learned to nourish myself thoroughly and profoundly, yet again, but this time in a way that integrated a depth of traditional knowledge into my everyday modern life without the asceticism that was engrained in yoga ashram culture. I continue studying yoga's sister science, Ayurveda, with the doctors from Kerela Ayurveda primarily Dr. JayaRajan and running a small private teaching and consultation practice. When the yoga studios closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I continued to share yoga and Ayurveda with the community online through a new brand ( and now offer online classes and in person retreats in as far off places as New Zealand, where I also live with my partner, his children, and dog, Prince. I fully understand the time, patience, and compassion it takes to reach a space of living one's practice. For many of us, the path to peace and purpose feels like the ever changing cycles of day and night, at times illuminating and at time elusive. It can feel non-linear, as my path has felt, and often having a friendly professional, a clear eye of reflection, can support each of us to walk our unique journeys. I am forever grateful for all of my teachers. I have committed to helping others, to finding common lifestyle practices as a doorway to mindfulness in a way that feels integrated and manageable given our unique lives and lifestyles. I have been teaching for over 17 years and I am committed to walking the long haul with you to joy, health and peace in body and mind.

Ompractice teacher Anjali Sunita with puppy Prince in a tree

New Teacher Alert! 6 Good Questions: Q+A with Anjali Sunita

Published 12/21/2023

We're kicking off with another installment of this series to get to know our teachers better!

Introducing Anjali Sunita (she/her). Anjali is one of our newest teachers on Ompractice, and is offering some great options for our West Coast community. (She's actually coming to us from across the globe in New Zealand!)

Here's her schedule:

If these class times don't work for you – you can check out Anjali's classes any time in the Video Library: Breathwork, Gentle Yoga, and Deep Stretch & Deep Relaxation.

6 Good Questions: Q+A with Anjali Sunita

Who are your classes for? What kind of vibe can people expect in your class? What is your teaching style like?

My classes with Ompractice are all adaptable, beginner-friendly, but contain some nuance and subtlety for seasoned practitoners too because I'm focused on the psycho-energetic effects of yoga in my personal practice.

People often say classes are really calming and centering and that is part of my aim, because I believe in creating a sense of "home" in the body/mind through the practice. Usually that requires deep relaxation and a non-judgement approach to movement.

I come from a more traditional view of yoga because my teachers are from India mainly, but I have found that over the past 17 years of teaching that the students have taught me more than anyone through their needs and through our open communication. Sharing yoga sessions is a service that opens my heart!

Thus far my Gentle Yoga class has been geared toward exploring gentle ranges of motion, experimentation, adjoining movement with breath, and generally calming sequences with many reclined and seated postures for our West Coast communities to ground from a busy day or settle into a restful night.

Deep Stretch and Deep Relaxation is a class that varies in intensity level. It includes holds as well as movements within the poses, joint rotations, pranayama, and a guided savasana.

Breathwork is a very special space that allows for brand new to experienced practitioners to tune into the power of the breath. We practice various techniques and pause between them to discover their potential benefits.

It is the joy of my week to share classes like Breathwork (pranayama) that goes beyond the physical aspects of yoga and helps us to easily embody the deeper potential of what a traditional yoga practice can offer.

How did you get into yoga? (Rachael mentioned you used to work at a big studio in Baltimore and may have some things to share about your experience there working with the community and teachers!)

My first inkling of yoga was actually through an impactful theater teacher in high school who encouraged us through breathwork and movement to develop our natural voices.

In college, I learned a little North Indian Classical singing which also involved breath regulation and understanding of chakras.

It was at that time that I wondered into a my first asana class, just following a little A frame sign off the street and got a taste of the physical practice. That first class was deeply impactful. I remember thinking it was the first time I had moved my body just for me, no performance aspect to it, and I felt immediately that this was a sacred space. I also knew after this first class that as an biracial/ Indian American woman I wanted to learn in India and so that's what I did post college.

That period changed my life completely and I moved from working in theaters to sharing clases in every setting I could find from schools, to health clinics, private homes, jails, ashrams and retreat centers, and yoga studios.

After a year or so I took over a space and founded Baltimore Yoga Village, a studio that grew from one to two locations and ran for 15 years as a community organization with a great reputation as a homegrown, authentic, space. We had many meaningful events. I led yearlong teacher trainings, founded a non-profit which paid BIPOC teachers to teach for free through the public libraries and other locations around Baltimore, and hosted Tibetan monks for years who blew Baltimore away with their programing, fundraised for community organizations, and brought in some of the most inspiring teachers including the late Tao Porchon Lynch who was teaching past 100 years old! I learned so much from that community of students and teachers from many walks of life and lineages, who inspired me, and expanded the services we could offer.

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from your own practice? What does yoga mean to you?

Sometimes, yoga is a complete system that provides tools for self inquiry and insights needed to take non-violent, truthful actions in this world.

Sometimes, yoga is like a medicine that soothes an aching body or heart like magic.

Sometimes, yoga practice connects me to awareness of Prana (like chi) and therefore all living things, all of life, and I am so filled up with a kind of grounded elation and gratitude that I want to laugh at how silly my "monkey mind" has been.

Sometimes, yoga is the philosophy and set of ethics that guides/ I have learned to let go and trust my inner most self and to breathe.

Rachael mentioned that you have a pup who joins class sometimes - what's their name? Personality? We love our #petsofompractice❤️

Prince is my fur-baby-almost-human rescue pup. He landed in my lap during Covid when a family couldn't care for him because he was getting into so much mischief. He is smart (too smart!) and talks more with his eyes than most humans. He wants what he wants and knows every trick in the book to try to get it.

He is part Huntaway (a New Zealand breed of dog which is already a mix of Border Collie, Rotweiller, and Lab, bred for sheep herding) and we think the other half is English Staffordshire bull terrier). He is a trip! And he sings! He always comes over at the end of class because he knows that "Om" means it's over and he is going to get some attention. My computer blocks out background noise but sometimes he sings along for the Om.

What is your favorite easy seasonal recipe to share right now?

Well, it is heading into summer for me. For you it is getting cold right now so I'll share with you my favorite warm shake.

  • Presoak 5-6 dates in bowl overnight
  • Presoak 10-20 almonds in a separate bowl.
  • In the morning peel the almonds. The skin comes off easily and discard the water.
  • Boil some milk or nut milk. Add the dates (can use the date water) and the almonds. Sprinkle in some cinnamon and/or nutmeg. When it comes to a boil, transfer to a blender. Blend it up and serve warm.

Tell us a bit about your morning routine and what gets you revved up/excited for the day?

When I took my first Ayurvedic consultant course at the Ayurvedic Institute, I got serious about doing the same thing each morning. That is a simple bathroom routine of tongue scraping, brushing teeth, splashing cold water in my eyes, and then drinking a cup of plain hot water or a non-caffeinated herbal tea. These days I then might let my dog out and attend a little to my garden, a little practice, teaching, or someone may have booked an Ayurvedic consultation, and then a walk with my pup.

What brought you to New Zealand? What are your top 3 of favorite things about living there?

My partner is a Kiwi and he has two children. I came on a visit and Covid locked me in! Borders in NZ closed and I would not have been allowed re-entrance. It was actually a very complicated, difficult, and less exotic experience than many may have thought! But I am here now. We have a house together and I'm getting permanent residence (like a greencard).

My top 3 things are:

  • I am in nature everyday hiking or walking with my dog.
  • Things grow so easily! I love my garden, growing food and herbs.
  • This society is slooooooow in comparison to the USA which sometimes I find a bit lonely but on the other hand I notice the difference when I come back to the States and find it all a bit overstimulating.

For fun, we always like to have a few extra credit questions:

  • What's one life changing product under $25 you'd recommend?

    • A big ol' bottle of sesame oil or traditional Ayurvedic oils like Mahanarayana or Dhanwantaram forelf massage.
  • Most delicious bite of food lately?

    • Veggie Pad Thai
  • Best books on your shelf?

    • I am an Ayurveda nerd and I love the classics like the Ashtanga Hrdyayam. I also love poetry collections like that of Audre Lorde. I have so many books that I want to read!

Find Anjali outside of Ompractice at:

Instagram: @villagelifewellness


main shot of Anjali Sunita
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